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HI Only Knife Set

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Hawaiis Only Black Blade Set 

German Steel, Japanese style single bevel blades, wood handles.

4 knives in the set. 

  1. Sashimi Knife with he’e artwork. Meant for cutting sashimi or long slices like a turkey or prime rib. Not good for chopping or cutting large items like watermelon. 
  2. Deba Blade with kumu artwork. Thick heavy stout blade made for breaking down whole fish or breaking down chicken. Can also be used for chopping hard items like potatoes and carrots
  3. Nakiri Knife with ahi artwork. This is an all around blade, used for anything. Its like a mini cleaver. 
  4. Utility Blade with moi artwork. This is also an all purpose blade but is great for light work. Great for small akule, green onions, slicing fruit and any precisions cuts. This is by far my most used blade on the set. 


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